Who is Shula ?

Shula Rajaonah is a model based in Paris, working with photographers with fashion and boudoir style.

Shula Rajaonah is a person who has the sense of values, the taste of a certain style, a natural aspiration to the plume. Shula is a charming and warm person, with her, everything seems always more simple and pleasant. Cheerful and fun, Shula Rajaonah is a sociable person who shines the world around her. She is passionate about languages, speaking Malagasy, English, Spanish, Korean with notions of Vietnamese, Japanese and Latin. She loves reading and especially writing, fascinated by the way in which life is breathed into words and the imagination that flows from it, the magic of words. His last passion of the moment is photography.

Price table

Basic level
50 /h

Classic poses



Urban style

Nude session
100 /h

The photo session will include


Full Nude

Indoor only on location


Conditions générales de prise de vues

Condition 1

Condition 2

Condition 3